Discovering our products is an experience

Discovering our products is an experience. Pasta Sorrentino has unique characteristics that make it a true taste experience. Who choose our pasta learns immediately its identity. Each ingredient is selected to create a symphony of unique flavors. Tradition, quality and authenticity are the tools of our pasta master craftsmen.

L'Oro di Gragnano

L’Oro di Gragnano’s pasta is the PGI line of Pastificio Sorrentino.

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L'Anima di Grano

L’ANIMA DI GRANO is the organic pasta line certified BIO

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Sorrentino gli Essential

The Mediterranean diet is the "Essential" products of our land.

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Gragnano: City of Pasta

Pasta production in Gragnano dates back to the end of the XVI Century with the first pasta factories, led by local families. In the middle of the XVII century the little town in Lattari Mountains became famous for its pasta production.

The keys to success are the weather and the quality of water. The city, placed between the mountains and the sea, enjoys a mild climate throughout the whole year, balanced and slightly damp, which allows to dry the pasta in a gradual manner. The water, coming from Monte Faito is pure and sweet, and gives to the final product its unmistakable characteristics.

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