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Semolina wheat pasta and crafts products packed Gragnano

L’Oro di Gragnano” is the handmade line of PGI Pasta Sorrentino. It is produced using the best semolina mixture, the bronze drawing and naturally dried.

With ”L’Oro di Gragnano” we discover the flavor of a tradition and the taste of a product made with simple ingredients: the best raw materials processed slowly and accurately in every detail.

In accordance with the dictates of the CTM Gragnano Pasta Protected Geographical Indication, “L’Oro di Gragnano” pasta is made exclusively from durum wheat semolina and water from the local aquifer. The line consists of a wide range of special sizes, all with a pleasant texture and unique flavor, particularly recognized and appreciated by gourmets.

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Artisan pasta produced with organic durum wheat semolina

The excellence of the raw materials used is the cornerstone principle of Pastificio Sorrentino. ”L’Anima di Grano” line guarantees to the consumer the fully traceability of the product and its excellent nutritional and organoleptic qualities.

This line has both the PGI and BIO certifications, so it is traceable "from farm to fork" with controlled and completely organic production chain. Respect for the environment is part of our history.

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Gli Indispensabili

Excellence of refined products for kitchen

The Mediterranean diet is a definite food style. Its strong points are pasta, fruits, vegetables and olive oil.

To ensure a full taste experience, Pastificio Sorrentino is offering a set of local condiments: datterini hill tomatoes, olive oil and other products of our land.

Soul of wheat integral bio

Pasta with wheat flour whole organic

For connoisseurs of natural nutrition products in our catalog we have included the whole of organic durum wheat semolina pasta. In the whole durum wheat semolina , there are all components of the grain. This means the maintenance of all the nutrients. fiber, minerals and vitamins (group B and E). Organic whole pasta is the ideal food for those who have chosen a vegan or vegetarian diet

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Knowledge and taste

The secret is in the air, in water, in the extraordinary power of this land. A knowledge that comes from far away, a treasure, preserved from generation to generation, that fills our lives .

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