Pasta Factory

Tradition abnd technology working toghether


Outr pasta dough makes every day passion. Tradition to centenary joins the use of raw materials quality

Sorrentino Pasta Factory is located in Gragnano in the charming scenery of the “Valle dei Mulini”, where climatic conditions have made possible to produce a unique pasta for more than five centuries. Recovering the centuries-old tradition, the pasta shop uses the best blends of durum wheat semolina, bronze dies and natural drying,


The production line and the choice of technology

Pasta Production is an activity that requires passion and experience, experience that is handed down from generation to generation, making Gragnano’s pasta famous around the world. Durum wheat, that is produced mainly in the South of Italy, is the brand of the high quality pasta. The bronze drawing and slow drying at low temperatures provide a rough paste, wrinkled and full-bodied, with recognizable pale yellow color, perfect to accommodate and enhance traditional and creative sauces.

Our philosophy

We transform the flour to offer a wide range of pasta shapes, whose distinctive feature is the pleasant texture and unique flavor.From manufacturing to packaging, the pasta factory Sorrentino generates a product that embodies the technique and taste of a centuries-old tradition.

Production Chain

Gragnano 500 years from the city of pasta

From the Ancient Romans to the nineteenth century, Gragnano has always distinguished itself in the production of pasta from durum wheat semolina. After the unification of Italy the Gragnano pasta factories were opened to the city markets like Turin, Florence and Milan. Pasta production peaked. Today Gragnano pasta is back to its splendor. Gragnano pasta production is an ancient art, heritage of history, culture, traditions and secrets.

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